Kevin Lawrence

Web Designer,
Hi all, I'm a designer who enjoys Scuba Diving, hiking and Jiu-Jitsu. Recently I have been doing a lot of web design work within the fitness industry. Love coffee and watching BTS of movies and tv shows. Sometimes better than the shows themselves!

[πŸ’¬] Hacker accessing site?

Hi there, I use hotjar to record any sessions on my site and while viewing I came across someone who was able to register on my site. I know that this is not a client registration because of the following:

  1. Β The ability to register on the site was set up in webflow via a custom sign up form, not using the memberstack modal pop up.
  2. The register page was set to draft.
  3. The main site is live but I'm still in memberstack test mode using the webflow subdomain. The user was able to access the pop up modal on my main site!

So here is the link to the recording:

You can see the user fills out a Mailchimp form to download a guide then the video shows the Memberstack sign up modal pop up and the user was able to register. I can't see in the video how they were able to force the modal to pop up.

I have since deleted the users access in Memberstack.Β 

This to me seems to be a potential security issue for my site as well as the fact I want all users who sign up to go via my custom sign up form.

Thanks and hope you can shed some light into whats going on.

[βœ…] Cookie script that works with Memberstack

Hi allΒ 

I had setup a cookie script using

However I have since removed it from the site as I realized it was interfering with Memberstack functionality. Whenever I navigated to a non-member page and then back to the member page it would log me out and show the access denied page.

So just looking for an alternative to adding cookie support to the main site. (Needed for GDPR compliance)