[✅] another Memberstack issue

lots of issues with this platform.  the next one is that I'm not able to log in because it's reading that I'm a bot.  I don't want this to happen to any of our agents trying to log in.  how is this resolved?

✅ Support!!

why is there no actual support that can be contacted?  I've had several issues that need to be resolved and the support has been horrible.

One pressing issue is that we've inadvertently paid for two plans and only need and use one of them.  how do I delete one of them and get refunded?  I don't want to post the site in question for public view so please contact me for a private conversation about this.

[✅] getting message "Your account is in Test Mode"

I've paid for the site that I set up, but am still getting a message through our company site that the account is in Test Mode.  I need support to help me trouble shoot this as soon as possible and there's no contact information for support from memberstack.  we're launching our site soon and need a quick solution.