yes.  someone followed up after this post.  thanks.
OK, I've emailed 6 days ago with NO response to this issue.  Please address my issue per above and my email!!
thanks.  I have emailed on this issue a while ago but never received a response.  I'll email again.
I'm looking at all the members we've uploaded and all of them have a test mode symbol.  the way we are using this is to provide password security for a site we created for my client's real estate firm.  it's specifically for the agents in the firm.  our admins control creating and deleting each member. In the setup, we uploaded a csv to create them en masse.  the firm has a paid plan to be able to do this.  yet the members are still marked as test.  can you please help resolve this issue asap? the support with Memberstack is lacking as there is no way to reach out and get help.