💬 [Replied] Restrict Coupon Code to Users Who Purchased a Specific Membership

Hi all,

My client has various recurring memberships, and a one-time billing membership. We want to provide users with a coupon code to use for the recurring memberships if they purchase the one-time billing membership. Is there a way to restrict the coupon to users who only purchase the one-time billing membership?

💬 [Replied] Choose a different business in Stripe

Hi everyone,

I've connected my client's Stripe account and Memberstack is live and working. But I didn't realize my client has two different businesses in his Stripe account, and the funds are going to the wrong business.

How do I change what business the funds are going to?

I tried to disconnect and reconnect Stripe, but I received a message saying I need to contact Memberstack. Wondering if there's an easier way before I do. TYIA!

💬 [Replied] Mailchimp Email when membership expires

I'd like Mailchimp to send out an email when a membership expires. I don't see a Zap for that in Zapier. Any ideas how I can go about this? TYIA!

💬 [Replied] Manually Cancel User's Membership, But User Can Access Portal Until End of Billing Cycle

Hi everyone,

If a user's membership is canceled manually in the backend of Memberstack, is there a way to give them access until the end of their billing cycle? From what I read, they are immediately revoked of their access. 

My client wanted to remove the 'Cancel Membership' button from the User Profile, so users must contact my client to cancel. I know that 'Cancel Membership' button would have given them access til the end of their billing cycle, but my client does not want that.


💬 [Replied] Send custom email for a specific membership

Hi everyone,

I'm building a portal in Webflow with Memberstack. My client would like to send users who sign up for a SPECIFIC membership only a custom email (it will have a link to a form). Any ideas on how I can do that?

I've set up Zapier to send emails for new members, but I don't see a trigger for a specific membership.