✅[Solution] Member-specific page not accessible on Weglot subdomain

Hello! 😇 

I have set up member-specific pages like this:

I am using weglot to translate the page, as recommend with sub-domains.

Thus, the translated version of my member-specific area is:

(there is an "en" at the beginning of the URL)

When switching languages, I just get redirected to the pre-defined "access forbidden" page. Maybe because the "en" lets memberstack think it is forbidden to access it even as an active member?

Is there any solution to that problem?🤔

Thanks in advance!
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✅[Solution] Webflow: Show element only to unique member? (based on member ID)

Hello 🙂 

I have been searching for hours now and I couldn't quite find a solution for my problem. I am working with webflow and memberstack.

I am aware that there are member-specific pages, and also that I can hide content to members/non-members/member-groups. 

But is it also possibles to show content ONLY to a member with a unique ID? Or in other words, show webflow elements only to a member IF he has a certain ID?

Use Case: I want to show an event to everyone, however, the event owner sees on the same page an edit button (in my case a form but that doesn't really matter now). Only the owner of the event can see that, no one else. (I don't want all members to be able to click on the edit button)

I am aiming fot a simple solution, I know that I could create a "public" event page and a "gated" event page only accesible through the unique member dashboard, but maybe it is also possible to do it all on one single page (with hiding 1 element to everyone but the owner..)

Has anyone every encountered this? 🙂

Thanks in advance!!