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Co-founder. Aboutli

🐞[Bug] Zapier not seeing new members

I need to update my Zaps. But for some reason it says no new members have been found, I tried multiple time to recreate a member and the result is the same. Β 

I also triedΒ  reconnecting Memberstack, however, after inputting the API key it says 'application could not be found'. it's been over a week and the issue persists, any solutions? Thanks

πŸ’¬[Replied] Serious error??

Hi, everyone.

Memberstack seems to be having a serious issue on a particular page. I really hope someone can help with this as it is quite critical.

I have a registration page for clients to sign up via a Memberstack form.
I am also using Memberstack in the page header to show and hid links.

Now for some reason, if I try to load the live site, the page just refreshes indefinitely.Β  I checked the Inspectore an I'm recieving this error:
I've tried the following:
  1. Β Remove the Memberstack script entirely: page loads without issue.
  2. remove 1 of the 2 components utilizing Memberstack, issue persists but page loads EVENTUALLY.
  3. Removing both components: Issue persists, but loads under a minute.
This is only happening on 2 pages and not the rest. I believe this occurred only after the URLs were changed. but I can't be sure. Thanks for any help.
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Glad to join!

Hi, ya'll. I'm Brenton, Co-founder of Aboutli ( I have a background in a variety of creative fields ranging from web design to video production and whatever lies between.Β 

Memberstack has allowed our team to start on a path that would have otherwise been out of our budget and as such, I'm super grateful for all the work the Memberstack team ha done and continues to do. Hopefully with the help of this community, we'll be able to resolve some lingering issues and powerup our user experiences.  😊
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