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Hi community!

I'm building a classified ads website in webflow + memberstack, where advertisers can publish an ad for a period of time with a memberstack membership. I would like to create a system to sell featured ads for a limited period of time, like 8 hours.

Whats the minimum time for a membership of memberstack, could it be 8 hours for example? 

Hi Adrian! 👋

Thank you for posting your question! Although the idea of a subscription duration is a great idea, it is currently not yet available with Memberstack.

However, I have taken the liberty of creating a feature request on our roadmap for you! If you give it an upvote, you will be automatically subscribed to updates!

Alternatively, this might be a feature that would require custom code on your website accomplished by Hiring an Expert. Here is some helpful information that might help guide you in the right direction and lead you to a working solution. Please let me know if you have any questions for me! 😊
We are a security alarm company, and sometimes we sell the alarm equipment to our customers. This equipment can be used with or without the alert monitoring service. The case is that we want to create a user area on the web, which allows our customers to activate the monitoring service and we will have to charge for this service. That is, if I as a customer want to activate the service for one day, I will be charged for one day, and if I want to activate it for 3 days, I will be charged for 3 days. We would also like to have a subscription that is activated and charged daily, and that can be deactivated from the user area and not charged until it is activated again.

Do you guys know if I could do this with Memberstack?
Hey  Adrian Boo  I think you could achieve this in memberstack. Out of curiosity I tried to set a test membership up just to look at the settings and it seems like it could work. Take a look at the settings in the image below.