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Hi everyone! I am the Founder of Jetpack, a high powered growth agency helping early stage founder and digital entrepreneurs unlock exponential growth.

[πŸ’¬] White faded text on sign up

Hi all - I have gone through the steps listed in the help center and even did custom code injections that have worked in the past but the text is still showing up white when the pop-up modal appears.Β 

Any ideas on how to correct this?Β 

Website is here -->


When a member attempts to upgrade their account and their payment fails, their existing membership and account are cancelled.Β 

Meaning we are losing out on MRR due to involuntary churn. If an upgrade payment fails, they should return back to their original subscription.

Bug -

[Solutions βœ… ] Dynamic HTML Embed

Hi all...I have a bit of a tricky one.

I run a Spotify promotion business and I want to dynamically embed my client's current song into their dashboard (see attached screenshot).

Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to update the "src:url" on the code editor so that the Spotify widget displays the client's specific song. I can't seem to get the HMTL iframe to update with the client's embed link.

For reference: we take their Spotify song link, reformat it into the embed code, and want to insert it into that HTML embed. We have their embed link as a hidden attribute called "embed" on their membership profiles"

Really not sure what I am missing or if custom code is required. Maybe we shouldn't be using an iframe embed so that we can apply Memberstack attributes? But doesn't that kill the embedded content entirely?

Please help!

[Solutions βœ…] Problems with SCA payments

Hi guys,

I am operating in a primarily US audience and didn't expect to run into as many SCA notices (close to 70% of my trial users are marked SCA when their subscription tries to charge). I did some digging into stripe and noticed that most of the users marked SCA actually had other reasons why their payments didn't go through (insufficient funds, transactions not allowed by bank, etc). Also noticed that the majority of users whose transactions were declined were using prepaid cards (CashApp/Venmo Card, Visa Prepaid, etc).

Was wondering if anyone has run into similar issues in the past and has any guidance on how to resolve. We launched a few days ago and are at $2,900 worth of MRR in trials but the processing won't go through... trying to get this resolved before we scale. Appreciate any and all help!
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