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Is is possible to make Affiliate memberships? By this I mean either a situation where a member can get X% discount on their membership for referring Y new members, or the classic affiliate program where persons earn Z% from every new membership made with their affiliate link.Β 
Hi Cristian! πŸ‘‹

I'll be happy to help you get started with affiliate memberships! At the moment, Memberstack is integrated with Rewardful.(Thanks for including the link, ο»Ώ Igor Voroshilov ο»Ώ !)

Here is a technical walkthrough on how to get started found here:Β 

Please let me know if you have any questions! We are always happy to help! πŸŽ‰
Thanks a lot Matthew! This is super useful
Yes! Memberstack is well integrated with Rewardful

Check it out!
Hi friends! I was wondering which of the 2 ways of allowing paid access to gate content (a web app with extra features in my case) is most efficient?Β 
Did you make a comparison between conversion rate of the popup signup and a signup page that you designed? Which one is more efficient? Same questions for login, profile management etc.?Β 
Hi Cristian! πŸ‘‹Β 

Great question! I believe it all depends on your use-case. This varies from website to website based on the amount of data you want to capture on a form, among other factors. Sites like reddit offer a quick popup window to capture data which is just a username and password. Sites like Paypal, which might have a drawn out registration process comprising of various steps, credit card information, etc. will take you to a separate page.

This is helpful because drawn out registration requires complete user focus with little or no distractions. However, quick registrations, like Reddit, want to get that data and let you in as quickly as possible. Ultimately, this depends on the domain of your site, the amount of data you want to capture, next steps after users register, etc.

I hope this all helps gauge the best course of action for your website! πŸ™‚Β  User experience can be quite tricky sometimes!
This is super useful Matthew. I will try popup first because it looks straight forward and I don't want the user to loose context when signing up. Your explanation is very detailed and helpful. Thanks!
Friends recommended Memberstack as a way to monetize my project What a wonderful surprise to find a great community as well!Β 
Welcome Cristian! Just saw this post-holidays and getting back into the rhythm 😁

Pazly looks great β€” one thing I didn't understand from the website was who it was for. It would be awesome to bake that in to the copy so people feel prompted to join.

Happy New Year!

(PS: We'd love to hear more of your thoughts in the community β€” we encourage you to leave a πŸ‘‹, comment or feedback on 1 other post or idea to start with!)
Hi Naitik,Β 
Thank very much for your feedback! This is super helpful :)
Happy New Year!
Hello and welcome!!! Just looked at your site and it looks awesome! Cant wait to see you more in the community! πŸ˜€