💬[Replied] Memberstack API not working for Update Member

When I try to update a member via the Javascript API, it returns the member without throwing any errors but the object is unchanged. Does anyone know any workarounds or if the API is going to be fixed?

My code looks like this:

var url = 'https://api.memberstack.com/v1/members/' + id
        var data = JSON.stringify({ 
            'customFields': {
            'privacy-center-id': privacyCenterID,
            'privacy-notice-id': privacyNoticeID,
            'memberPage': id
        const res = await fetch(url, {
            method: 'POST',
            headers: { 'X-API-KEY': process.env.MS_API_KEY },
            data: data
        const info = await res.json();
        return info

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