Tom Piggott

UI Designer & Webflow Developer

[βœ…] Multi step sign up (payment on step 2)

Hi Guys. I have a question about payments in a multi step sign up process.

  • I have sign up step 1 which collects some data
  • This sign up step 1 form has the data-ms-form=signup attribute and it works
  • The form redirects in Webflow to step 2
  • Step 2 collects some more dataΒ 
  • I want the submit button of that form (on step 2) to launch a payment modal and collate the two sets of data into one member profile
How do I go about doing this? The membership in step 1 is a free membership as suggested in one of the MS tutorials, and then it just says you can ask for payment later but doesn't explain how.
I assume I need to make a second membership that requires a payment, but how do I link the two together?