Thanks Matthew,

Ill chat with my developer and see if we can implement a solution 🙂
Thanks so much for your suggestions
Hey Matthew,

Thanks for your response.

Just to clarify, this is primarily an issue only when the user cancels, and then tries to log back in. They actually can't gain access to the site / accounts unless they pay, and then swap to free. Since if they close the renew modal is just returns them to the login.

I wanted to ask, do you know if its easier to somehow include a link inside of that upgrade/renew modal that basically says, renew with a free membership? This way the customer can just see the option to swap free right there and skip the forced payment option.

I'll talk with our developer about the code approach you mention. In this method, do you mean the code would check the status after (on refresh for example) and so when a user cancels / downgrade we would be able to adjust an 'inactive' status to free. Essentially before they log out and get caught in a payment loop?