Ashley Crossland

Digital Designer, Mediadesign

💬 [Replied] Routine Password Update

Is it possible to routinely request users to update their password?

I guess I could use integromat to change their password to a random string, but that means I'd also need to send them the new password.

Any ideas welcome!


💬 [Replied] Member deleted webhook in Integromat

Hey all! I'm using integromat to automate a few things with Memberstack. 

When using the member deleted Webhook, none of the data is passing on, as if it were 'deleted' first, so cannot be retrieved. 

Anybody else encountered this or know a work around?


✅[Solution] Issues with test memberships

Hello! Having some issues on an unpaid test account.

Basically, when I log into a membership, it lands on the first page fine. But now when ever I navigate to any other page, it forces the user to be in a logged out state. 

Is this because the plan is unpaid? Had no trouble testing this way before.

Happy to share test login details if needed.

Hey All! I'm Ashley and work in a design agency in Wales. Working on my first Memberstack project for client work so fairly new to this. Good to join the community and see what others are up to!
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