George Pagan III

Expert Personal Trainer...Novice Coder
Hey everyone I am a Full-time self employed personal trainer who has stepped out of his comfort zone to create a service for fitness professionals. I have been learning how to code on the weekends and between client sessions. I also love to Sketch.

💬 [Replied] Add a Unique Image for each membership instead of the global company image.

I was curious is there was a way to add a unique image for each membership option to show up instead of the global default organization image for my company? 

First Hello from a quiet user getting really uncomfortable opening up

Hey fellow MemberStackers!?

My name is George and I am a 11 yr Fulltime Self Employed Personal Trainer down in Miami Florida and an aspiring self taught front end developer/ No Coder.

I compile education resources for fitness professionals who are looking for in-person seminars around their city, and create dynamic directories for virtual and online education courses. Picture it like a niche version of Eventbrite + a niche membership community.

I have collected over 20,000 events and about 1,000 courses in the last couple years and moving to Memberstack has given me a way to make my site look/work really professional and allows me the freedom to pivot my frontend look and features without needing to retool the entire system. I truly love it.

What can I help people with?...Ummm, personal fitness mostly(that's in my wheelhouse) haha, but with Memberstack I've learned how to use it with building static Bootstrap framework websites. I like to be as frugal as possible and learn coding as I go, struggle, and grow. I also figured out an easy way to display an API array on a Leaflet Map without needing to preformat it into GeoJson format lol so there's that If you need it 🤣

What would I like help with?... Mainly I have no idea how to use the Memberstack frontend API and Webhooks. I just don't understand what Webhooks do lol. Do I set them up? Are they already set up in Memberstack? Do I need to do something on my hosting? Do they work with static sites not in a CMS? haha plenty more questions but I don't wanna type them.
I hear they are cool, but no one has ever explained it to me in a way that was easy to understand. 

Anyway, this is me stepping outside of my comfort zone to engage in a community who also use a service/product that I enjoy using. Maybe being social here will help me learn better and maybe make some of these internet friends I hear so much about lol.
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✅[Solution] Add Profile Photo for a member directory

I would like to allow my members the ability to add a photo to their profile when signing up or updating their profile on my static site.

Right now I am doing this by having them add a direct Image URL from their site and saving that in their memberstack user info on sign up. 

Then I am placing the memberstack attribute for this field inside an <img> tag to display it on their profile page.
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