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So, this is one of those grammar nerd things, but every time our copywriter proofreads our site, she tells me to change the button on the login modal from "Login" (noun/thing) to "Log in" (verb/action) and points me to this article on the difference. I tell her that I can't because it's part of the Memberstack platform ... and the cycle continues.

Any chance you are flexible on this? 🙂

Hey Sean! Haha, fellow grammar nerd here 😂🤓

One idea is you could use our Translation feature to rename this the way you or your copywriter prefer it:

Would that work?
Sean Tubridy replied
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I'm trying to set up two separate membership plans that allow access to two completely different folders. I can create the two different plans and create multiple folders under the "Members Only Content" area. But it seems that all the plans can access all the folders under this. I want one membership lan to only have access to one site folder and the other only have access to the other. Is this not possible?

Hi Sean! Welcome to the community. 😊

You can add 'Members-only Content' when you click inside any of the membership plans and scroll down — there's a button on the right called '+ Hide Content' you can use to do this.

Hope that helps :)
Sean Tubridy replied
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