I have two questions I hope I can get guidance one. 

1. We have memberstack running on our home page and as of now it links to one circle community. But we are opening 2 more circle communities and would like to send them to the right community when they sign-up based on what they chose from the drop down menu on our home page. 

2. We also would like the membership to work for all 3 of the circle communities we have because many of the members will leave from their "home" community and explore other topics in the the other two communities since all communities circle around and the same subject.

⬇️ Here is our drop down from the signup form and based on their work group they will be assigned to one of the three communities.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Hello! 👋

Thanks so much for posting to the community forums! It sounds like this specific behavior you're looking for might require some custom code. If you head over to our Hire an Expert page, you can inquire with experts on our team who might be able to help get your website functioning just the way you want it to! 😁

Please let me know if you have any questions for me!
I can not figure out how to hide a page from members how are not logged in. I have created a dashboard but anyone with the url and view it. Also, I would to like to do the opposite. Hide a page from a member who is logged in. 

Any help or direction would be great!
I am super excited to be here. We are developing a new community and using Circle 😀 and Memberstack. This is going to be a great resource. 🎉 
 Josh Lopez  and  Naitik Mehta   the community I am developing is called Aviation Social (aviationsocial.com) and it's for airline professionals. We are almost done building out the website and will be opening the community next week to our test user group - approx. 300 flight attendants. 

I am just now getting started with Membershack today. Time to dive deep and see how we can use this powerful tool for our new community. 
Hey Leif! Welcome, glad you're here. 😁

What kind of community are you developing?
Heyyyy!!!! 👋

Welcome Leif! Tell us more about your project 🤓