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💬 [Replied] 2 tier membership set up

Im new here and setting up my first membership site.  Its to be a site for acupuncturists to make prescriptions based on 12 of our most common diagnostic patterns.  @ two tiers are practitioner access and patient access.  I have a key pad with the 12 memberships/patterns on the homepage thats working no problem.  However i need the practitioners to be able to sign up their patients for memberships and pay for them.  I also need the practitioners to have access to the whole site while the patients to have access to only one page with their patterns prescription on it- ala food recipes, and food lists of varying sorts.  All the food lists and recipes are in the cms in webflow and tagged with the name of the pattern/diagnosis.  All of that is working well and comes up on the same page when referenced btw.   I also need the patients sent an email with their log in instructions after the practitioner makes the prescription and pays for it.  Point me in the right direction lease if i need to use other plug ins with memberstack, please...  many thanks

Ling Wong