Hawaii Website Designer
Hi! I'm going solo and have so far loved Webflow. I'm eager to move out of templates and really use Webflow to its fullest potential.
Hi Naitik, thank you! Yes, I've learned that quickly with my first 2 clients, lol. With this 3rd potential client I'm doing all my research in advance and writing down every single thing that we'll be doing. But I think it's going to take time and experience before I can list everything right off the bat. Thank you about the milestones. Definitely something I can add to my client experience that will help the project along.
Neat, thank youΒ  Naitik Mehta ! It looks super helpful and I'm guessing it really adds to the member experience within Memberstack?
Lol, it's a pretty awesome place to be "stuck" considering the pandemic. It's a little cloudy today, but I still went outside in the warm weather and plucked some fresh lettuce from our garden for dinner tonight.

Yes! Discovering a whole new world with freelancing and Webflow. Originally worked in ecommerce and digital marketing with a Pearl Harbor nonprofit. Everyone kept asking me website questions so I decided this might be a good move for me. :) Looking forward to working with Memberstack. I'm liking the direction you're headed.
ThanksΒ  Josh Lopez ! Would a workaround be maybe to group the food guide and drinks guide under the same category? And then when the shopping guide comes along put all three under the same category again? I can see the problem though when there's a whole bunch of guides and members want to pick and choose which ones they have access to though.