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Hi! I'm going solo and have so far loved Webflow. I'm eager to move out of templates and really use Webflow to its fullest potential.

✅[Solution] Will Memberstack work for multiple travel guides on one site?

Hi, rookie question. :)

I have a client who wants to make a blog on Webflow as a membership travel guide. She'll start with a food guide (with about 200 restaurants), then come out with a drinks guide, shopping guide, and eventually add on more as she goes. I want to gate each category so members can only see the guides (categories) they paid for. Will this be possible on Memberstack? It sounds like it would, but I want to be sure before I jump in and offer to make this for her.
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Aloha from Hawaii, I'm Amy!

Hi Everyone! Webflow website designer (still a bit of a newbie) that's just beginning my freelancing journey here in Hawaii. I'm on my 3rd client (yay!) who needs a Membership site and will be asking rookie questions, I'm sure. Nice to be here!
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