Hello Everybody! 😄

Hi my name is Jason and I'm based out of Los Angeles, CA! 

Since graduating from Cal with a degree in psychology (GO BEARS!🐻), I've made multiple transitions throughout my career path. After trying out some jobs in the psychology field, I decided to become a middle school math teacher, and I truly loved it! After 4 years, I wanted to re-challenge myself and transitioned into the tech industry to be a software engineer, most recently working as a freelance web developer. 

Here at Memberstack, I am proudly a member of the Technical Support team! 🎉

I am most excited about seeing how our community utilizes the Memberstack technology! As a I create my own personal projects and websites, I would love to learn how our community has taken advantage of Memberstack.

Fun fact: I like to create music and write songs for fun. I have performed in front of crowds of over 500 people! 😅
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