Paul Main
I help children and teachers navigate their way through the curriculum.
 JS  Another query as I begin to build the membership offer for schools (I'm trying to get this ready over the next 5 days). When one of these users redeems their coupon, will they be an individual user (associated with an organisation?).

 JS  I just want to double-check that I have this covered and all the steps in place! If you remember, the situation is that I have schools buying memberships on behalf of their staff (teachers). Just to be clear...

1) A school purchases a site membership (this is basically a coupon with a redemption limit of let's say 30).
2) She forwards this coupon to her staff and asks them to 'sign up' on said website. 
3) Each teacher opens an account and uses the coupon code when signing up (instead of making any payments). 

So, the sign up form has no transaction information (only a space for the coupon). Voila (!)
I was just about to ask the same question! Just so I am clear, I will put this into a hypothetical situation. A headteacher wants to buy 30 memberships for her staff. She does this by buying a 'coupon' for her staff with a redemption limit of 30. She distributes the coupons to her staff and they sign up.

The following year the headteacher gets a reminder to purchase another annual licence for her 30 staff again. 

Something like that?