Matthew Palmer

Full Stack Website Developer 🤓💻
Hi there! 👋 My name is Matthew, and I'm a developer living in Austin, TX. I love building things and solving technical problems with computers. Feel free to reach out anytime even if you just want to say hi! 😁 HRS: Mon. - Fri. 6AM - 12PM CST

Hi Everyone! 🎉

Hi, my name is Matthew! 😃

I'm based in Austin, TX, I'm a Full Stack Website Developer. It's mostly just a passionate hobby of mine, but I also want to do this professionally for the rest of my life. Outside of IT, I have experience ranging from construction, pest control, and managerial roles at Dominos.

My current role is Technical Support here at Memberstack! ❤️
I'm most excited about learning new technologies, but on a personal note... I'm REALLY excited about the final arc being animated this year in my favorite show of all time -- Bleach!

I'm excited to meet with more of you! Memberstack's community is amazing, and I'm excited to be part of it! 🎉
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