It would be really great to have a proper support option with tracked tickets etc. I'd be happy to pay extra for this service. 
Hi folks, I'm building a webflow site where we want to make gated content (white papers, webinars etc.) available to users after login. I'm thinking of using Memberstack to manage access to the private pages. 
However, I also need to track user behaviour and send that data to Active Campaign so that my sales team knows who is interested in what content. 
Can Memberstack do this or do I need to add another tool to the chain? Ideally I'd like to keep things as lightweight as possible. I've heard Segment might be useful for this, but I'd be grateful for any advice anyone may have. 
Hi Sam! You could always track webflow form submissions and deliver trackable content, like white papers and webinar registrations on the success page of that flow. This you should be able to track via active campaign—based on visits to the success page.

Granted, I am just getting into active campaign so my knowledge of it is limited, but hope the above helps!
Hi Vitaliy, thanks for your reply - yes that's what we do at the moment, but we find that people share the success pages and so we miss out on leads. We're looking for a solution that provides a unique url for each new form submission, or somehow stops people who aren't signed in from seeing the success pages.
Hey Sam! I suggest creating automatic member specific pages. This will allow you to create a template for members with the active campaign script in it. Each member will get their own URL that only they can access as well. Here is an article with more information.
Hi Naitik, I just asked a question about my project in the "questions" forum. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Hey Sam! Welcome 👋

What brought you to Memberstack? What are you building? 😊
Hey Sam! Hope you had a great weekend.😃