Hi guys,

I'm hoping to make the sign up process less daunting by jumping headfirst into the onboarding steps.Β 

So the process would be:Β 

Get started button > step 1 onboarding > step 2 onboarding > step 3 onboarding > enter email and password to create account.Β 

Can I do this and still capture the submissions in the form prior to creating memberstack account?Β 
Theoretically, you could do this if all of the prior steps were bundled into a single sign-up form submission. I.e. a multi-step sign-up form that resulted in just one submission along with the email and password at the end.

A good place to start, if you are using Webflow, could be at advanced-forms.webflow.io. Alex Iglesias built a multi step form builder on there, that I believe could accomplish you goal.

I can’t think of a simple way to do this otherwise.
Great, thanks! I'll look into that.Β 
Hey guys,

Is there a work around to not make new members sign in again after signing up to access their member dashboard?

How do other companies do this?

Thanks heaps!
There's an option in memberstack I believe in Powerups to give people access to their own dashboard and I believe there's a setting to redirect people to their dashboard after sign up and log in.
You also can set a redirect after sign up directly to a dashboard, if you have a static dashboard page