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2x Canadian figure skating champion, ex RBC, HBS Alumni. Maker and Creator, Entrepreneur, and closet VC
Naitik Mehta Β Yes, you’re correct. However, if media and content is a key part of our platform, I’m trying to see how this platform would integrate with tour membership management and gated content. It’s our publishing platform of choice for blogs
Yes, I would love an update on this too. It seems like it's been long in the making, and nothing yet- which is VERY strange that a membership tool doesn't have email validation upon sign up.....
Vitaliy Gnezdilov Β just trying to learn and grow with the product. Hopefully learn best practices and find cool people to connect with :)
brilliant idea, are you considering commercial real estate?
Omg, that would be great! bring on the youtube content, your team is so apporachable and friendly so I'm sure you guys will be a hit on the tube
I would love, love - an integration with Ghost. I know it's in the works, but It's been a dream of mine to do a digital magazine with subscriptions and gated content. Right now I'm trying to figure it out with webhooks, but I haven't graduated from No-code to low-code yet. Lol