CEO, Intrepid Technology
2x Canadian figure skating champion, ex RBC, HBS Alumni. Maker and Creator, Entrepreneur, and closet VC
Hey everyone, my name is Collin and I'm a product guy that just loves Memberstack. In fact I watch the youtube channel and all the interviews just for fun and learning.

I've had a very diverse career, but I identify as a designer, tinkerer, maker, creator, and entrepreneur. sometimes VC, only when I need to pay the bills hahahah. I'm a zealous participant of the No code movement and simply don't have time in the day to make all the things that I want. 

I love love love to learn, so if there are any "tech" types out there that would like to make a trade in services from a designer and product manager, I would love some help on learning more about webhooks, APIs, Zapier and just overall systems thinking. (of course Memberstack as well)

Currently I'm kinda using Memberstack as a firebase authentication replacement, and building a marketplace community from the efforts. I would welcome the opportunity to chat with people that are making things themselves. to see if there are any like minded people out there that are seeing what their creativity will bring.

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