✅[Solution] Return to last page after logging in

Hey 👋 there, I am wondering if there is a way to return the user to the page they were last on after they log in, rather than a predefined URL? I may have missing something when setting up my site, but can't find this option anywhere when using the native popup modal. 
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✅[Solution] Segment integration with Memberstack

Hey all 👋  

I am integrating my site with Segment.com - a Customer Data Platform.

As part of this integration I will be passing "identify" calls to Segment (https://segment.com/docs/connections/spec/identify/), when a logged in person is on my Wordpress+Memberstack website. Segment can then control distribution of this data into downstream tools (Mixpanel, GA etc).

I am struggling to pull out the member ID and name to put into the call to Segment. Does anyone have experience in doing this?

The call I cam trying to make is as follows:
12345 = the Memberstack member ID
Name = Memberstack member name
analytics.identify("12345", {
  name: "Peter Gibbons",
  email: "peter@example.com",
  plan: "premium",