Marc Gagnon

[πŸ’¬] Error loading member's page

Page is loading indefinitely and then page brakes.
Don't know what's happening...Β 
Built in Webflow.ο»Ώ

[🧭] Fixed Amount Coupon NOT working


I just created a test coupon that had a fixed discount amount, duration is forever.

We charge 1740$ and coupon was 1739$.Β 

The UI worked as it showed we had to pay 1$.

But we then received a Stripe notification saying that we just paid 1740$ (and not 1$).

First, we'd like to have our fees back and second, this needs to be resolved as soon as possible.


[πŸ’¬] Forever Free Coupon Not Working


The forever free coupon is working most of the time but sometimes I get this message:

This customer has no attached payment source or default payment method.

Know why?

[Pending] Zapier Trigger -> Membership Changed

Hey Guys,

in Zapier there is a trigger called "Membership Changed". When I test the trigger, I don't see members that has changed membership (members are still on the same membership).

Why is that?

Can I trigger a Zap by looking at Membership change (i.e. from free to paid plan)?
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[βœ…] Profile Modal

Hey guys, is it possible to access membership upgrade/downgrade within the profile modal (and not just the option to cancel)?
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