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Amanda, Founder
Hello! I'm the Unicorn behind the exclusive membership for REALTORS® and real estate professionals who desire to take control of their careers, strengthen their social media presence, cultivate their brand, and discover new business tips & tricks.
Hey, everyone. 😊  
I'm having an issue with my coupon code link, and I hope someone can help me out.

I've created a coupon code for $10 off my monthly subscription.  This is set to expire at the end of February, and it's set as a forever discount.  The problem is that when I run through the checkout process on my site, the "have a code" link isn't showing up.

At some point earlier today, I did see the link, but now it's gone. 😭

P.S. I am using a custom sign up form if that makes any difference.

Hi Amanda! 👋

Thank you for bringing this issue up to us! I wanted to reach out to let you know we are looking into this issue for you. This is super important to us and we aim to figure this out for you as soon as possible! 🙏  I will be posting back here with any updates. Thank you for your patience while we reach a solution!
 Matthew Palmer , thank you for the update.  Ah, that would explain why I saw the coupon code link once, and then it disappeared.  I will definitely upvote the roadmap request.  

As a workaround, I will create a launch membership for the special pricing, and when I am ready to initiate the full price for new members, I'll just update the signup form to use the full price membership, instead of the discounted one. 
I've been that silent member, who pokes around from time to time, not commenting or participating, and figured it was time to make an appearance. 

👋🏻  My name is Amanda, and I am currently based in Saratoga Springs, NY, but in about 5 months will be moving to warmer temperatures in South Carolina. 🌴

Currently, I'm a Project Manager for a remote software company, but my passion project is a productivity and marketing membership community niched to real estate agents and professionals. I've been working on the idea for about a year now and will finally launch it in January.  I'm prepping it now for my beta testers. 😳

My tech stack changed over the year, but I had settled nicely into the following Webflow, Memberstack, Amazon s3, and Circle.

I look forward to meeting you virtually and learning from each other!


P.S. I love emojis and gifs. I use exclamations points to show excitement, not when I am angry. Direct messages are welcomed. And, to connect with me, check out my profile - my links are there. 💋

Hey hey Amanda! Welcomeeee 🎉

AgentGuild is such a neat concept (love the name too!). Seems like you have a lot of exciting things lined up for 2021 — and so excited to be able to support you on one of these!

Don't hesitate to holler if you need any input or feedback from others here, there are lotsss of people willing to take a quick look! 😁

(PS: We'd love to hear more of your thoughts in the community — we encourage you to leave a 👋, comment or feedback on 1 other post or idea to start with!)
Hey Amanda! Welcome!!!!!! So glad you decided to post! I am crazy about gifs and emojis!!! 😀😂