Bruce McCaughan

Digital Marketing Consultant

[✅] Reading the Icons

Is there an explanation somewhere of the icons that appear next to a question?
The 3 dots on a  speech balloon, green check, [SOLVED] okay, that last one is obvious.
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[✅] Modal vs Custom Form

For Login form, we are offered this choice (with toggle): 
"Do you want to use our pre-build modals or build your own custom signup page?"
My question is, is it actually "OR", or can we use both?
So, I would like to use the modal from a button at the top of my site (in use now), but would ALSO like to provide an on-page (custom) form (not the modal) on the no-access page. Is there any conflict with using both options within the website?

I say "custom" as MS uses that term. It would only include email and password, obviously.


[✅] Multiple Sites from One MemberStack account?

I am not trying to be cheap, just asking 🙂
If I have 2 (or more) unrelated clients, could I/would I create separate organizations within one MS account to run both (all) gated sites from 1 plan?
This is not a case of users having access to multiple sites within an organization. I mean completely siloed membership sites.

And if I did that, does MS support multiple Stripe accounts?
(Actually, since MS takes a cut, I am not clear whether we collect payment through YOUR account or connect to our actual Stripe accounts.)

Thanks for any intel on this.