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Hi everyone ๐Ÿ‘‹ I started Leonardo English, and make all the podcasts. I'm a curious mind, a language learner, and I wish I had a dog.
Has anyone found a smart solution for allowing people to buy 'gift' memberships?

This is my current thoughts around workflow for it, but it is evidently quite manual. Wondering if anyone has created a smarter one...

  1. Webflow form with details of gift membership:ย 
    1. Email of recipient
    2. When should it start
    3. Type of membership
  2. Manually reate invoice in Stripe - send to customer to payย 
    1. NB - invoice in Stripe should have the correct membership plan, but be scheduled to end on a particular date (to not affect churn stats) -> how can this be achieved?
  3. Customer pays invoice
  4. After invoice is paid, a pdf is sent to customer confirming the payment, and a unique code is provided.ย 
    1. Customer can choose to start the subscription on a predefined date
    2. Or customer can choose for the recipient to just 'redeem' it on Webflow site -> need to create a form with code inputย 
  5. Pdf given by customer to intended recipient
  6. Recipient then goes to, enters code, submits a form, and is told that they will receive the details of their membership once the team has checked their code - they will receive the details via email within the next 60 minsย 
    1. Can this be achieved via an Airtable lookup?
I've seen in the API docs that it's possible to get a user's status (active, trial etc.) from the front end API.

Has anyone used this to hide/show various Webflow elements based on whether a user is active/trialling?ย 

I guess it's a case of something like the below?ย 

MemberStack.onReady.then(function(member) {   
    var membership = member.membership   
    if( membership.status = "trialing") { = "none";
} else {
 = "block";

Any tips on implementation much appreciated!
Hey Alastair Budge

This is a really interesting idea. I don't currently have any trial memberships for my site so I don't have a working suggestion. However, I have considered using two different memberships to achieve this... basically a free plan that gives them limited access and allows me to hide content. But then have buttons to "upgrade" that when clicked would allow them to actually pay for the membership and switch them into the new plan that would unlock the hidden content.

But if we could do all that with one plan that locks down content for those in the trial phase and then automatically unlocks once they've paid and become active... that would be really cool.

Taggingย ChrisDrit because I got a feeling that he could probably figure this out! ๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™‚๏ธ
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Thanks for the shout outย John E. Matias !

Alastair Budge yes, this sounds totally doable to me. I think the pseudocode you've added looks spot on.

My approach in the past is usually sending a newly registered or logged in member to an interstitial page. A "welcome" style page with a loading spinner and a brief message.

I then do some checking against the user and route them to another page once that check is done.

For you it could be a page for member in a trial versus active.

Here is some example code for something similar but not exactly the same:

  MemberStack.onReady.then(function(member) {   
    switch ( {
      case 'Basic':
      case 'Pro':

Does this help?
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I want to offer a discount the decreases over time, e.g.

  • Week 1: 30% off
  • Week 2: 20% off
  • Week 3: 10% off

I've just checked in Memberstack, and it does appear that you can create the same discount code with different amount of discounts.

How does this work in practice for users signing up?

Is there a smart way of doing what I'm trying to achieve with MS, or should I just create one coupon, then delete at the end of the period, and create another coupon with the same redemption text but a different discount percentage?ย