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Google Sheets =Memberstack Formula coming soon!

Memberstack coming soon to Google Sheets...with the =Memberstack formula the possibilities are endless!

We appreciate the amazing feedback from our beta testers and will be live soon in the G Suite Marketplace (Along with =WebflowCMS and =GPT3 formulas if you also use these tools 🚀)

Track Member Login History w/ Member Metadata (Webflow)

Here's how to track member login history (timestamp) directly in the member's metadata (tested with Webflow at least).

**I know integrates with Memberstack, and their free plan allows for much more advanced member tracking but a client requested this specifically & it works so I thought I'd share!

This is triggered on window load, but can be triggered by a click as well if trigger is changed. The .toString code turns the timestamp into readable date/time format. I'm for sure not a coder, but was able to adapt  Joe Krug 's Hack 35 to make it run, hope it helps someone!

Include this code before the </body> tag of a page/site. 

MemberStack.onReady.then(async function(member) {
  // if member is logged in
    // get the metadata obj
    const metadata = await member.getMetaData();
    // Use of method 
  var d = Date(; 
  // Converting the number of millisecond  
  // in date string 
  const timestamp = d.toString();
    // set metadata.fileNames to the existing metadata.fileNames
    // or if there's no existing metadata.fileNames 
    // assign metadata.fileNames to an empty array
    metadata.userVisits = metadata.userVisits || [];
    // when the like button button is clicked
    // save the file's name to metadata
    window.onload = (function(){        
      // get the name of the liked item
      const numb =timestamp;
      // if the name does not already exist in the metadata fileNames
      if(metadata.userVisits.indexOf(numb) === -1){   
        // push the name to the metadata.fileNames array
        // get the number of fileNames in the metadata
        // or set the number as 0 if there are no existing filenames
        const vis = metadata.userVisits.length || 0;
        // set the metadata itemsNum as the number of filenames in the metadata
        metadata.WelcomeVisitsNumb = vis;
        // update memberstack with the new metadata object
        // update the liked items count div with the current number of 
        // filenames saved in the metadata
      // set the title span's text to the itemsNum
    else{ // if no member's itemsNum is saved in metadata
      // set the title span's text to 0
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[✅] [🧭] Accept ACH Stripe/Plaid Payments?

I have a client with members that will be making $50k+ one time payments. ACH payments are the obvious go-to. Is it possible for Memberstack users to add a bank account with Stripe's ACH option through plaid? 

I imagine this would be attractive for anyone with a site that will take high payments from users consistently & want to pay lower fees.
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🧭Memberstack > Circle Auto Sign In?

I noticed we are auto-signed in when entering if we are signed into

I'm starting to build out Overfit.AI and have Memberstack Signup/Login working, but after signing up or logging in on the main website then entering, the user must sign in with Memberstack SSO again which is quite confusing. I would love to mirror what has been done here so users won't have to sign in twice!
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