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šŸ’¬[Replied] Allowing users to add products (marketplace)

Hey guys,Ā 
Trying to take on the daunting task of allowing Memberstack users to upload their own products.Ā 

The part I'm struggling to wrap my head around is how to allow users to add products that are attached to their unique dashboard (via Webflow ID) so they can manage them within their profile.Ā 

I've followed Mackenzie Childs's extremely helpful series on the unique user dashboard, so have the required steps to generate each user a unique ID within Webflow CMS.Ā 

My current stack involves Airtable, Zapier, Memberstack, and Webflow (with hosting) all are or will be paid plans, so plugins etc are an option.Ā 

Let me hear any thoughts cause it's been about 4 days of me struggling at this solo and I'm fresh out of any brainpower at this point!Ā 

Thank you!