Rye Finegan

Founder, Paired.co

🧭[Roadmap] Coupon Code Issue

I am trying to get new members to sign up and use a coupon code that I've created. However, when they choose their membership level, their screen does not present the coupon code issue (picture attached). However, once I am logged in, if I go back to the sign up page and click on a membership level, it does show the coupon code option then. Why is it not showing up initially? 

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🧭[Roadmap] Coupon for Several Months

I am hoping to give prospective members a coupon code that gives them 6 months free membership. This would be applied to the monthly membership level. Is there a way to do this? I am only seeing options for a one-time use (one month free) or forever (always free). Thank you! 
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