🐞[Bug] Confirmation message says "monthly" when I have custom quarterly billing selected

💬 [Replied] Change websites from Carrd to Webflow but keep same Memberstack space & hide pages

I am changing my site from Carrd to Webflow - but I've noticed that I cannot hide pages for members in my current Memberstack space that I've used with my Carrd site - I can only hide page sections. 

Am I able to change this Membrstack space to a Webflow-configured one, where I can hide entire pages for members (not just sections), or do I have to use a new Memberstack space? Thanks. 

💬[Replied] Get status 400 when trying to sign up with Irish in Select Dropdown Get status 400 when trying to sign up with Irish in Select Dropdown

I am in test mode and I'm using Webflow. 

I have a dropdown where users select their language when signing up. 

The sign-up works when I select any other language (German, English, Portuguese), but not Irish. I get an error when I select Irish. 

I have checked the attribute and the Select text and values. They are all uniform e.g. German = German 

The error when I sign up with Irish is: "SyntaxError: Unexpected token B in JSON at position 0". 

Attached are screenshots of the Webflow Select attributes, the HTML, and the errors. 

I can't figure why Irish is throwing it. 

Any help would be great!

✅[Solution] Export from Dashboard failed

I have tried with and without filters selected, and on Brave and Chrome, but I just get an "Export Failed" warning. 

Has anyone else experienced this?


🧭[Roadmap] Cancel subscription from API

I would like the cancel a member's subscription using the API. 

I have tried the Update method, but the method does not seem to work. https://docs.memberstack.com/endpoints/members-1

Is this possible?

 I am doing this because I have a custom cancel button that cancels the subscriptions through Stripe directly. I now want to add a free trial, and I can't cancel the subscription through Stripe anymore as the subscription is not created in Stripe during the trial. So I want to cancel it through the Memberstack API.
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