🧭[Roadmap] Recurly VS One Time fee : How to get the both?


In my pricing model, people subscribe to monthly membership.
They got X quota for each plan.
If they use ALL their quota, I would like offer them the possibility to buy more credit with a one time charge.

Is it possible ?
If they buy a one time charge, do they keep the old monthly membership?

If so, anyone can explain me how to do that?

Do I have to create a NEW MEMBER in zapier when they sign with a one time charge, OR do I have to update the existing member ?

In fact my quetsion is: 
For 1 member is it possible to get 2 MEMBERSHIP PLANS?

Best regards,

Just for try

Hi everyone, 

Addict to zapier since years I’m looking around in order to launch a small Saas in no code.
In the past, all my websites were on Wordpress. 
It’s time to change...

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💬[Replied] Strikingly + Memberstack + Webflow: dynamic signup for multiple plan

Hi everyone, 

I’m beginner on MemberStack and Webflow.
In order to launch quicly, I’m think about creating:
my website on Strikingly - domain.com (easy to customize for me)
a membership on Webflow - app.domain.com
Like memberStack website in fact.

My question:
I got several membership price.
I would like to display my pricing table on my domaine domain.com (strikingly)
When user choose a price, he is redirect on the signup page on my subdomain, app.domain.com (webflow)

I have tried to put the link like that in my button:

But on signup, it’s always the default membership price activated.

I don’t know how to get a dynamic signup page on webflow...

Or should I create several signup page ? even so, I don’t think it will works.

I’m working on IPAD, so webflow is a nightmare to use it. That’s why I prefer creating my website on Strikingly.

I hope my questioning is understandable
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