I created a 100% off coupon that never expires. When I apply it to a new member, it logs in and directs the member correctly to the welcome page. 

Using the account modal, however, none of the login information is shown. 

After logging out, any subsequent login attempts with that member fails and returns an error indicating that too many attempts were made.  

Using the Memberstack dashboard, the new member is listed but selecting that member causes the app to hang.

I noticed that a few other users on the forum have mentioned somewhat related questions about coupons, specifically those that are 100% off. Any help would be appreciated.
Hi, Josh. No, I have not deleted any memberships.
The issue seems to stem from creating members with a 100% off coupon. These are the members who can no longer log in or can be edited from within the application's dashboard as I referenced in my initial question.
I have tested different coupon setting including Discount duration="forever." In every instance, the application returns a response that suggests that the member record was created properly but subsequent login attempts is no longer possible and trying to edit the member in the app hangs. 
Josh Lopez replied
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All new members I have created in test-mode with a 100% forever free coupon are no longer accessible via MemberStack! Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!
Hi Markus 👋 Thank you for explaining the situation. I've flagged this internally and will get back to you asap.  Apologies for the delay