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βœ…[Solution] 🧭[Roadmap] Share Memberstack Tokens with Stripe Connect

Developer of platform want to have a β€œtoken” given to each signed up member on different tears ie. silver, gold, platinum subscription plans when they join the site that will communicate the type of access to their platform that their membership permits.Β 

After that can Stripe connect be set up that, depending on the chosen plan of the member, they (website owner) take their relevant percentage out then pay the rest of the balance to the member (Gold 5% Silver 6.5% or Bronze 8%)

Is this easily done and how can I do that?
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βœ…[Solution] Issuing invoices and payments via Memberstack

Webbsite Memberstack is installed on:

Currently we are using memberstack for on-boading new members with a multi-page form submission to signup for a subscription, then a dashboard when they are logged in linking to our platform.

Is the above possible using Memberstack:

would be great to sign in with Google, Apple, Microsoft signin would be great as we don't want to hold login details.

We may have European members too, can subscriptions use two different currencies, ie. Euros and GBP Sterling?

Multiple Members
We will have multiple members (maximum of 100) signed up to our platform.
  1. Β Can we pull members details in from the platform API to memberstack.Β 
2. Is it possible for those individual members to issue invoices using Memberstack and Stripe with their logo added to the invoice?

For each mediator can their bills be setup so that:
There is a backend charge of 8% on every mediation they bill for using the platform. Need ability to reduce this for selected or high users down to 5%.

For Mediation Cases we bring mediators into, as part of our panel, we will charge a 20% fee on top of the above.

I hope the above is doable with memberstack, looking forward to answers to the above.