Igor Voroshilov

Founder & CEO at LikePay
Hey everyone! I use and teach NoCode. Mainly use Webflow with other tools to work with it.

[✅]Add free trial on published membership

Hello there! Happy new year!

I want to ask if it is possible to somehow add free trial feature to a paid membership, which has already been published and already has users signed up for it?

I just realized that I want to add free trial for my membership.

Looking forward to any help! Thanks

✅ One time 30% off for existing member?

Hello there!

I wonder is it possible to give a 30% off discount on a next payment for a particular member? He is already a paying member, I just want to make his next payment a bit cheaper and then go back to a normal price from the following month.

Is that possible do somehow?

Hey everyone!
I am Igor, founder of LikePay - a tech startup in Tokyo.

I also do a lot of things about NoCode and teach that in Japanese for locals.

I mainly use Webflow and all tools related to that platform, including Memberstack.

Looking forward talking to all of you!
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