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Political scientist
I'm a political scientist and theorist. My personal site is https://jmrphy.net. I publish under a label I made called Other Life. And I founded IndieThinkers.org, a community for independent intellectuals.

βœ…[Solution] What should I do after SCA stops payment?

I read the help doc but it looks like I will need to have my member manually resubscribe because in Stripe the payment was canceled by the bank.

But the help docs don't say to do this, so I'm unsure.

The member is asking me to re-charge the payment but I'm not sure I can do that.Β 

Am I correct to just have him resubscribe through my memberstack subscription modal?

βœ…[Solution] Do annual renewals send members any notifications?

I'd be grateful for clarification of this or links to a doc? I'm afraid people won't see their annual renewal until they look at their bank statementβ€”and be upset!
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