I'm building a website in webflow and the question was asked if I could set up an admin account / dashboard that the admin can use to change the permissions for users without leaving that site (and going into the memberstack dashboard to make those changes).

Is something like this possible?

Hi Tyler! 👋

Thanks for posting to the forum! 🎉 This is a great question, and I believe we should have a solid solution for you!

This is possible but it is an advanced use case. What is your experience level with JavaScript? If you are comfortable with JavaScript we have a backend API that can pull a list of members and help you manage their information/accounts.

If it makes you more comfortable, you can head over to our Hire an Expert page and inquire with the experts on our team who would be delighted to help get this set up for you. 

I hope this helps! 🥳

I did a quick search and didn't see anything so I apologize if this has been discussed before.
I have a Symbol in webflow for my Nav bar / header, and inside of that is a drop down menu for the user account / profile. It drops down for a log in, my profile, and logout button.
I use the links from memberstack for each of these links and they work, if I'm on the main page of the site, but if I'm on any of the sub-pages, the links are dead.
And when on the main site if I'm logged in, the log in button disappears (which I understand why, you're already logged in, but I'm wondering if this kind of feature is what is breaking the link on the sub pages?)
Since the Symbol is the same on all the pages I'm curious why the link doesn't behave the same on all the pages.

Hey Tyler 👋

Great question, let me see if I can figure it out. Can you please provide your url so I can take a look? 😃
Yeah use headquarters47.webflow.io for now. I'm testing a bunch of things on a gaming website I'm building for a community. Black button on the top is the profile menu.

Hey I fixed it. It was dumb, I just forgot to paste the header text in the subsequent pages I created, it was only in the index.html file. I added the header code to the other pages and it worked. Thanks for responding!