✅[Solution] Zapier -> Active Campaign problems

I have a Zapier automation adding a NEW subscriber to Active Campaign. All good here, because I get subscription info and status through Zapier. 

When someone cancel their subscription, I have an automation in Active Campaign offering them a discount code for signing up again.

If they claim the offer and renew a subscription, I want to update them in Active campaign again as valid member.

As far as I can see, the Update Member action in Zapier does not send any subscription info or status. How can I get the info that this member is again an active subscriber?
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✅[Solution] Cancel Circle access when cancelling Memberstack subscription + sync names

I tried the Circle integration and noticed 2 problems:
  1. When a Memberstack subscription is cancelled, you can still log in to the Circle community with same credentials. Is it possible to deny access to Circle if a membership is cancelled?
  2. Firstname and lastname is not synced with SSO. Just registered as "undefined undefined". Any way to sync this automaticly?  
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✅[Solution] Integration with Circle: Share login credentials?

This Circle community looks promising. I am wondering if it's possible to add this to my website and let my existing memberstack subscribers log in with the same login that they have on my site?

Example: I have a website: and create a circle community

Can they then login with the same credentials or with Memberstack SSO?