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💬[Replied] Data structuring for CMS template pages with hidden content areas

Thanks for all of the great resources on here. I know it's tough to keep current especially as all of the different binding tools keep improving and changing. 

After a bit of testing using integromat and airtable I have created a member, updated that member with memberstack custom fields, combined with webflow  pdf upload and image links. 

I can gate the CMS template page to that member. 

Is there a away to ungate some of the content on a CMS template page? For instance if a member goes to the template page their options for updating profile are visible but if a different logged in member visits that same page they will only see a completed profile. 

Or is the solution to create a public profile template page and then use reference fields to populate the data? I'm trying to find the most efficient no code/low code scenario with this.