✅[Solution] 🧭[Roadmap] Importing members from another site

Hi everyone, wanted to get some feedback on best practices for importing members to Memberstack from an existing database:

Customer has a DB with users, pretty basic info on each user (name, email, password) and which subscription they have (free or paid). 

We have rebuilt their site in Webflow and are using Memberstack to manage their authenticated site. We now need to import the existing users and put them as either free or paid (understand we can't integrate with an existing payment setup, only Free). 

The customer's current site hashed the user's passwords so while we can import the users, we do not have their passwords as they know them. We want to transfer these users as seamlessly as possible to avoid losing users in the transition between sites. 

What is the best way to transition these users to the new site when it goes live to make it as seamless as possible for them to log in? If we import them will MS prompt them to make a new password when they go to log in? Does it make sense to import the users if they have to recreate their account anyway? 

Thank you! 
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✅[Solution] Import Members from Third Party Site

Hello, I'm working on a project where we are rebuilding a website in Webflow (was originally built from scratch) and using Memberstack to manager the paid users. Their original database hold the user profiles and they used Stripe for payments.

In this scenario, can I connect their existing Stipe account to Memberstack and then upload their users into from their DB to Memberstack with a CSV and connect them those users to their Stipe profiles?

I saw the import free versus paid customers article but wanted to confirm if this situation qualifies as paid or unpaid. 

Thanks in advance, happy to provide more details!