Thank you for your help on this. Do you know of any manual work arounds where we could add the members in as free members and upon their first login prompt them to choose and pay for one of the paid plans? 
Hi there, just wanted help with one more thing: I did a test import with a member which worked fine, but is there a way to send them a password reset email to prompt them to create their account? I looked in the membership area and did not see this (I'm still on the free test plan if that's an issue) but I'd like a way to prompt the users so that they log back in onto the new site and I think a password reset prompt will do. Thank you! 
Thanks. To clarify about the import: when we import the members what is the process for them to create their new password? Will they receive an email or just be prompted to create one when they first come back and log into the site (or both?). If it is an email, is it possible to customize this? Thank you again!