Member profile picture - updated workflow?

Hello everyone,

I was surprised to know that memberstack doesn't offer a built-in method to attach a picture to a member profile.
My intent at the moment is to have a picture available for injecting into Hyvor Talk (among other uses).

It seems that the last update on this topic was a video made by one of the Memberstack tem in 2019 that uses zapier and a bunch of zaps, has there been any improvement on this method?

Thank you.

💬 [Replied] Thoughts on adding review function to a webflow+memberstack website?

Hi everyone,

I'll have a gated page that shares products with registered members (at this point, just product links).

I'd like to allow members to review those products (such that reviews are tied to their name somehow), what would be the best tool/approach for that?

💬 [Replied] Hidden field with default value for popup?


I'd like to add a hidden field to the pop-up modal of Memberstack, but to also give that hidden field a default value, this will be used for some zapier integrations. Is it easily possible?

💬 [Replied] Styling issues on profile modals

Hi everyone, I just started using memberstack and have a couple of issues with the memberstack-generated modals.

With regards to profile page, as you'll see the links for Membership and Logout on the left side are white ( I can only see them if I highlight the text with my mouse:
  • screenshot before highlight:
  • screenshot after highlight:

Would appreciate your help!