✅[Solution] How do I get in touch with Memberstack?


I reached out to Memberstack via Intercom on the 3rd Dec, but had no reply. I reached out again on the 8th, but again no reply. Last week I also sent over a message via Twitter, but again no reply.

Is the forum the new way of getting in touch with MS staff?

I would like to duplicate one of the websites in my Memberstack account (membership fields + memberships). You did this for me previously.


✅[Solution] Using coupon code + free trial

Hello everyone!

We're using + loving Memberstack so far, but we've come across a small issue.

We have a product with a yearly membership cost + 15 day free trial. 

The user enters their payment details up front. However, we'd like to also offer coupon codes, e.g. for discounts on the yearly fee after the free trial.

i.e. the user has two options:

1. 15 day free trial + get billed the yearly fee after the free trial
2. 15 day free trial + enter coupon code, the user gets billed the yearly fee minus the coupon value after the free trial.

Is there some way we can offer this, or is there a workaround?

Thanks so much!
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