Hello everyone!

We're using + loving Memberstack so far, but we've come across a small issue.

We have a product with a yearly membership cost + 15 day free trial.Β 

The user enters their payment details up front. However, we'd like to also offer coupon codes, e.g. for discounts on the yearly fee after the free trial.

i.e. the user has two options:

1. 15 day free trial + get billed the yearly fee after the free trial
2. 15 day free trial + enter coupon code, the user gets billed the yearly fee minus the coupon value after the free trial.

Is there some way we can offer this, or is there a workaround?

Thanks so much!
Alastair BudgeΒ That seems to be the case - I've added the coupon code on MS but the 'I have a coupon code' field doesn't appear during the checkout process due to the free trial.
Alastair Budge replied
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To clarify, for a MS plan with a trial is there no option to enter a coupon code?