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I'm happiest when I'm building technology to solve hard problems. Focus areas: Product & growth marketing.
Hey everyone! I'm excited to share that we've made some significant improvements to make it easier to hire Experts to help you setup Memberstack.

The Memberstack Expert Network is a vetted network of freelancers & agencies that you can hire to help implement user authentication, subscriptions and member management to your website.

You can access details via the new space on the left sidebar 😊:

👉 Hire an Expert

  • If you want to post a project for to hire a Memberstack Expert, post here.
  • If you're a freelancer or agency and you want to join the Memberstack Expert Network to receive paid projects, apply here.
If you have a project to build with Memberstack that is:

  • Complex and you don't have all the skills to build it yourself, or...
  • Time-sensitive and you don't have the bandwidth to set it up, or...
  • Ready to build and you don't all the resources to make it happen, or...
  • You just need to outsource an epic project...

You're in the right place! 😁 Read more details below.


👀 What is the Memberstack Expert Network?

Memberstack Experts are vetted freelancers & agencies that are endorsed by Memberstack for their capabilities and the quality of their work. We do our best to vet both experts and projects in our network and to connect the dots between the two. Technically, we can't assume direct responsibility for any of the work discussed or delivered but we're happy to guide you on how to go about it.

🔨 How does this work?

The Memberstack Expert Network is completely free to use for both clients and freelancers/agencies. Here's how it works:

  1. You post the details of your project (link below)
  2. We share this with our network of Memberstack Expert Network (Freelancers & Agencies).
  3. Available freelancers and agencies will contact you directly.

👉 Post your project for Memberstack Experts here


(If you're an individual freelancer or agency interested in joining the Memberstack Expert Network, please apply to join here.)
Hello folks! 👋🏼

My name is Naitik — I'm based in Vancouver, Canada and I grew up in India. 🇨🇦 🇮🇳

I love all things design, technology and impact; and I'm currently helping Memberstack grow. It's been so nice to watch the team and our customers grow with us in these early stages of our company! 😍

I'm also a musician — I started off with drumming and I'm currently trying to learn the piano.

Excited to meet and welcome everyone else to the community! 🎉
Hey Naitik!

That's dope to know your a musician man! How long have you been drumming? Piano is also a great instrument to learn & I've been trying to do the same off & on for the longest time 😂

Fun fact, I tried being a full set drummer when I was younger... my grandfather bought me a set & I didn't practice as much as I should.. the only reason I don't have it anymore, is because I lent it to a friend (yes, lent a whole drum set, crazy right?) and I never saw it again! They just kept it. 😅 

I did also end up being on the drumline for the marching band in high school though & playing percussion for the jazz band.

Nowadays most of my music production is done through sequenced input via midi controllers, whether that's virtual drum pads, midi keyboards, or other devices. 👌🏾
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