Michael S Short (Mike)

Founder, The PRO Business Support Community
Hello! I'm the founder of the PRO Business Support Community where we help put people together with a Team of strategic partners to discuss challenges, ideas, opportunities, etc. as we are "Building Success Together."

🧭[Roadmap] Rewarding members with a free month

I would like to be able to offer my paid community members a free month of membership when they perform a specific activity.  

Some of my members are on an annual plan, and others are on a monthly plan.  Members choosing to pay the annual plan up front essentially get 2 free months built into their pricing (12 months for the cost of 10).  

I cannot find an easy way to offer a free month (although I'm assuming that maybe I could create a coupon equal to one month's membership fee for those on the monthly plan ... but am still playing with that to see if it could work).  I also don't see an easy way to change the end date of membership for those on an annual plan to add the extra month before their automatic renewal.

It would be great if, on the admin side, we could 

(1) temporarily suspend payments by setting a beginning and ending date and have them automatically charge the member's card on the monthly renewal date following the end of the scheduled payment suspension.  This would allow easy free month offer to members paying monthly, and

(2) be able to manually adjust the scheduled renewal date to a later date.  This would allow easy free month offer to members paying annually.

If I'm missing something (I am new to Memberstack) and there already is a built in way to offer free month(s) of membership, please let me know!

💬[Replied] Another feature request

Could you create the ability to have a Coupon for a free trial?  I'd like to offer a free trial to a specific group of people, but would like them to be able to join by clicking the same link as anyone else on my website and simply applying the "free trial" coupon code.  It would be great if you would consider adding that rather than only having the ability to offer EVERYONE a free trial on a specific product. 

Thanks for your consideration.

✅[Solution] Member joining / canceling notifications

I'm new to Memberstack, and am having trouble how to find out how to set up notifications (maybe via email) when a new member joins, or when an existing member cancels their membership.  Can anyone help me figure out how to set those up?  (Haven't had anyone cancel yet, but no notifications of new members has come in ... I've had to look at the list of members).  Thanks in advance!  😃 
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🧭[Roadmap] Can you enable the switcher on Circle

I'm able to see a list of the Circle communities I'm a part of (or run) in a vertical bar on the left side of the browser when I'm in Circle ... but this community didn't show up.  I reached out to Circle and they said that each community can choose to have (or turn off) the ability to be included by enabling or disabling the switcher.  It would be great to be able to jump into the Memberstack Circle community by clicking on the link on the left side of the browser.  Other communities (including my own, Circle, SPI Pro (Pat Flynn's community), SPI Academy, and Teachable are all visible there currently on my browser.

Thanks for considering enabling this feature! 

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