[✅] Duplicate Member

Hey! I just saw that I had a member sign-up. But its duplicated in the members section. I looked into this and saw some older threads. I don't the memberstack script duplicated anywhere and I tested it out with one of my other emails and did not get a duplicate. I was wondering what your thoughts might be? Did the user sign-up twice? Any solutions to this? It's not a huge deal, but I don't want to delete any of the accounts because I don't know what account the member is actually using since the information is all the same except for the ID #. 

Thanks in advance.
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Tackling the health and wellness industry with Memberstack

Hey everyone! 

My name is Bobby and I am one of the co-founders of SimplerX. We are a platform for health and wellness service providers to run their business off of. We are currently in beta and our first release will be specifically targeted to individual health and wellness providers.

We realized that this was a segment of the market that wasn't catered to as much as the enterprises and larger facilities. We also see it as our way to break into the space and build out the backbone of our system which will provide service set-up, scheduling, payment processing for sessions, packages, and subscriptions, client profiles, easily digestible analytics, and the start of a mini CRM within the software. 

Along with our product we realize that just giving someone a piece of software will not make them a better business owner and operator. Which is why we are also building out a content/course platform at simplerexperience.com to help educate these service providers. 

Which is why I am here! We just started with Memberstack and we are looking forward to utilizing all of its features and future features. Looking forward to being apart of the growth of this system as well as it helping us grow as well!
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[✅]Hide sign-up button once member is logged in?

Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to hide my sign up button on my nav bar once a member is logged in? Right now I am using a webflow button with a custom sign up form linked to memberstack. 

I also use the modals for login, logout, and profile. Appreciate it in advance!